Two designers from Saint-Etienne, Pascaline de Glo de Besses and Pierrick Romeuf, selected by La Cité du design and institut Français Indonesia, have been invited to Indonesia to explore and create alongside indonesian designers and craftsmen in November 2018.

  • Pierrick Romeuf / Kriya Nusantara

    Tahu Gejrot & Intensitas

    The traditional design of West Java

    West Java holds many interesting traditional design from batik pattern to street vendor’s design, thus combined with Kriya Nusantara incredible craftmanship in metal works and European style.


    Pierrick Romeuf worked with Iman Setyadi who is Product designer at Kriya Nusantara and Handoko Hadiwijoyo, senior designer at Kriya Nusantara.


    I am trained as a furniture designer, and as artistic director. My background is marked by my professional experiences in Finland (Studio Suppanen) and Japan (Nendo). Since 2012, I develop my independent design business by working with companies in the Rhône-Alpes Auvergne region. I have always been working with craftsmen so I was very lucky to be part of that workshop in Kriya Nusantara in Bandung, Indonesia.



    Designers worked for 2 weeks to purpose two standing lights for European markets. The goal they have was to confront design and local culture. At first, they were looking for an object that could match Kriya Nusantara's skills. They ended with a choice of lightings developments. A good opportunity to add details and decorative elements with engraved metal parts. Lamps are iconic in the sense that they are not only functional products.

    Many trials were done: different concepts experimented, primary 3d models and rendering, size adjustments and several reviews. We ended up with two products.

    Tahu Gejrot (spicy tofu) inspired by the street vendors instruments. It's a table lamp made of wood and copper. At first, you won't be able to see the pattern, but when you switch it on, the “motif” appears as a reference to Kriya Nusantara's skills. The shape is very simple but contains details of bendung and assembly subtlety.

    • Intensitas is a table lamp offering interactions, it plays with ray and shadow, in reference to shadow puppets.Its pattern “megamendung” is inspired by batiks from West Java. When you turn the handle, you play with the light intensity. So the making has to be precise, so that the movement is smooth.
  • Factory

    Kriya Nusantara

    This company is also a a brand for the product of craft with a very distinctive character features its variety of ornamental as the power of expression. The resulting works are produced by using modern technology and the best touch of the master-level expertise to produce high-quality products. Kriya Nusantara is making very detailed and quality products, such as perfume boxes, radios, candle holders, and many more. Its specific qualities are the work of pattern and metal engraving. Kriya Nusantara was established since 1995 by Abdul Sobur, himself a designer.