March 2018 and November 2019

  • WORKSHOP IN BANGKOK November 2019

    One of the spirits of Thailand is this deep and fascinating color. This series of workshops could not have ended if fashion and lifestyle designers had not created with indigo.
    In Thai, Indigo (Indigofera tinctoria) is called khram.
    In the North, the manufacture of indigo clothing has become an important source of income for villagers who produce dyed clothing and cultivate real indigo on a large plantation for domestic use and for sale. The plant is a lifeline for families, and has become a treasure in many places like Sakon Nakhon, Nakhon Phanom, Baan Don Kao, Bung Kan, Udon Thani ...


    This workshop also includes a very sensitive subject at the moment, sustainable development. Working with factories also engages designers to question mass production and mass production. It is also a subject for fashion designers who create the must have, but, in this way, the obsolete. How to renew shapes and texture with an old jacket ? The second life for all consumer goods could be our future. Anji Dinh-Van, director of Andrea Crews (Paris) work with Best and Maan of Dry Clean Only in this direction and are associated to Termtem Studio

    Phraeva Rujinarong, the founder, is a textile designer. Originally from Surin, she learned weaving from her mother and today, with the weavers of the community, she develops contemporary fabric designs through weaving and dyeing techniques.


    The 2 groups working on indigo will spend the first days in North East of Thailand discovering the factories.

    The fashion designers Wisharawish Akarasantisook, Ester Manas & Balthazar Delepierre in Surin at Ruenmaii Baimon for the silk indigo,

    Sandrine Rozier and Namfon Laistrooglai in Inpaeng Indigo (Khon Kaen region) for the coton indigo.


  • Anji Dinh-Van and Dry Clean Only


    For this workshop, the general curator matched the couple before the beginning of the working sessions. The designers where already in touch before meeting for real.

    - Mathilde Bretillot and Rudee Tancharoen

    - Christian Ghion and Jutamas Buranajade and Piti Amraranga

    - Camille Khorram and Khanitha Nualtaranee

    - Jean-Baptiste Ricatte and Jirawat Khamprom


    If in Chiang Mai and Yogyarta, each couple was associate with a factory, TCDC Bangkok has chosen designers managing their own fabrication's studio. the first day where dedicate, with the full group, to discover each studio. After few days of work in each studio, the designers met at TCDC. The real concern of the group was to find a creation in which we could fell the city of Bangkok and the common color and use mainly from the street.