11 - 22 December 2017

    1 - 14 September 2019

  • WORKSHOP IN CHIANG MAI September 2019


    The result of all the workshops of D17/20 project taking place in Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam will be a big collection of design objects and furniture. Its variety will make visible the diversity and the richness of dialogues between different design approaches and production contexts. The outcome will be the designs in their final stage, ready for the market and the user. The second workshop in Chiang Mai would rather take a specific direction and nature, not to finalise the propositions for the market in the first place, but question the use, the production, the material, the know-how, the culture, the dialogue, the meaning of “localness” and “globalness”, the pertinence and the perspective upon these notions. This second workshop in Chiang Mai would also illustrate the R&D aspect of all the workshops of D17/20.


    Associated with 4 factories, 5 French Designers working with 5 Thai designers :

    Violette Vigneron and Chalermkiat Somdulyawat & Kawisara Anansaringkarn from COTH studio working with Sanpatong foundry's team

    Pauline Bailay and Tuangpawn Surintha working with Slowstitch Studio on indigo.

    Hugo Poirier and Porameth Takhiao working with Sri Pan Krua Community on coiled bamboo. In the production, bamboo is shaped, pattern drawn, then coated with "Rak" natural black lacquer and gold foil. Finished product is called "Kreung Khern" or lacquerware which is made with refined skills inherited from generation to generation.

    Florent Revellin and Natthapong Kanchoei working with Baan Tongkai which is the biggest producer of turned woods in Chiang Mai, its wood-turning expertise has been passed on for over 100 years.


    Designers are guided by Sumanatsya Voharn, professor at Faculty of Fine Arts, Design division of Chiang Mai University.


    A mutual learning opportunity for the craftsmen, designers, to create prototype products that advance the traditional skill beyond original equipment manufacturer-based production under the concept of sustainable use of resources.

  • WORKSHOP IN CHIANG MAI December 2017

    2 materials to share knowledge between France and Thailand

    Lauriane Beaunier, Alexandre Dubreuil , Patcharada Inplang, Sarngsan Na Soontorn, Teerapoj Teeropas and Aurélien Veyrat worked together in December 2017. Each designers chose a know-how based on their affinities. They chose after visiting 2 production sites proposed and organized by TCDC Chiang Mai : Gerard collection and Prempracha.


    The designers devoted the first week to understand the local know-how, the production method, sketches, and research. The last week was dedicated to make quick and effective choices and focusing on 2 to 3 specific projects. All the projects have been reported in a large document : dimensioned plans, 3D images, inspirations, steps, illustrations, sketches, accessible for producing companies.

    Each designer engaged in a pitch exercise ; presentation of their project with the documents they produced. Designers, TCDC, companies and all the partners involved in the project were attending. This exercise was extremely useful. It created a real team cohesion and adherence to the global project for the designers. It was also an important step in the validation of projects' feasibility for companies.