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    D17/20 -- Design in Southeast Asia

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    Handcraft is a subject of special attention in Southeast Asia. Further promotion of village industries is needed. This project aims to value the local know how and to put SEA in the international design scene.



    Designers from France meet designers from Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam … to share best practices, learn local know-how and design approach. Designers dialogue with artisans and producers.



    Each couple of designers work in a local craft organization on a specific material during 15 days. Each designers create a design product made for daily lifestyle.



    The crafted products will be presented in 2020 in France and in Thailand in the greatest places for design and will hopefully generate production.


    Handcraft and design are subjects of special attention in Southeast Asia. There is a firm belief that further promotion of village industries is needed. Some cities in Bali and Java have become famous for the beauty of their masks, furniture and ceramics. Experts and cultural professionals recently consulted by UNESCO as part of a research project on the implementation of the Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural expressions, have recommended to focus on crafts.

    The craft industry, and in particular the incredible ingenuity of the transformation of the natural resources of this region, is a real economic success and mainly concerns large companies. What about small-scale artisanal structures and how to encourage the renewal of traditional models ?

    Value the local know how

    This project aims to value the local know how and to put SEA in the international design scene. By promoting SEA designers and entrepreneurs in the global market. Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia are the three countries participating in the operation.

    These countries have artisanal structures and performing industries in the sectors that can be mobilized. They are identified as producers of handcrafts (from natural resources) and the furniture industry is exported to international markets (mainly Indonesia and Thailand).

    Designers meet designers

    The essence of the project is the cultural exchange between French designers and Asian designers. As such, the project focuses on :

    • The design approach (in the form of designers' workshops)
    • Dual training (one in the form of internships for students) Local schools, and the other in the form of a dialogue between artisans / producers and designers / creators)
    • Dissemination and economic development at the local, regional and international thanks to local factories