October 21 - November 1

  • 3 French designers at Hanoia 

    Hanoia is the Vietnamese leading premium craftmanship house, specialized in lacquer. The ultimate quality of its products has been recognized since years by prestigious luxury brands worldwide. On the strength of this recognition,Hanoia has developed its own collections of Home Décor, Jewellery and Lacquer Silk, which feature a perfect blend between Contemporary Design and Vietnamese Inspirations. As a seeker of timeless heritage values, Hanoia also puts its hands to other traditional handicrafts such as wood, stone, rattan and do paper.


    Hanoia has two workshops based in the historical lacquer villages near Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city. With hundreds years of experience in making lacquer products, these villages are home to talented craftsmen who have successfully preserved the traditional legacy left by their ancestors. They are considered «treasures » of Hanoia.