Exploring the DNA of recycled bikes in Yogyakarta (2017)

    Amaury Poudray (networks), Wisnu Purbandara and Raditya Mahardika worked together with Andre Suryaman, owner of Natural House Home Deco in Kasongan for 2 weeks, exploring the neighboring craft companies, the rich heritage and the city of Yogyakarta. Andre, himself an artist, has been developing products from recycled materials, mainly from old bikes, for years.

    This was the starting point of the P.I.T, recycled alphabet project. The team explored the possibilities offered by the simple shape of a bike frame and created two different objects: a modular shelf system (P.I.T shelf) and a small scale module that can be arranged in any shape to create a sculpture or a room divider (P.I.T molecule).

    The workshop has been supported by the Indonesian society of industrial design, the Indonesian association of craft and furniture companies, Saint Etienne Cité du design and the Bandung Institute of Technology.



  • Factory


    The company initially produced recycled paper (art paper) sold in sheet form. It then expanded to design functional and finished products: candleholders, table lamps, mirrors and furniture, etc. Today Natural House has 16 employees and manufactures handicrafts in terracotta, wood, bamboo, fiber, rattan, sea rush, glass, aluminum, copper, etc. The main objective of Natural House is to develop the potential of local industries, particularly in the Kasongan region. The factory is also involved in an important recycling activity. The material is combined with others and carefully and neatly decorated with colors and textures. By transforming the product, each piece becomes a new design piece.

  • Pascaline de Glo de Besses & Kayu Manis "A Bâton Rompu" (2018)

    THE DNA : Fern

    Inspired by the natural wonders of rainforests, the fern plants give aesthetically strong point in the design’s shape and pattern.

    THE METHOD : Flooring

    The mix between weaving, carpentry, and joining techniques, combined altogether creates a motif called “the fern” in France, which is used notably in marquetry.


    THE TEAM : Pascaline de Glo de Besses, designer / Alex Kurniawan, owner of Kayu Manis' factory


    THE DESIGNER : Pascaline de Glo de Besses



    Indonesia is a territory rich in raw materials with an open trade on the world. Discovering new species, materials, techniques, manufacturing or printing for example ... it is enriching a vocabulary that, crossed with my western eyes, founds the basis of the Design Asean workshop.

    The objective was therefore to make an inventory of fixtures, a rapid analysis of uses and from the first days on to multiply the exchanges with the craftsmen to seize their potential and to imagine together a project with industrial reach .

    The workshop consisted of exchanging our experiences, identifying the socio-economic context in which the project will be introduced, collaborating on the development of the product, on its development through manipulations, tests, models to finally reach a prototype."

  • Factory

    Kayu Manis

    Kayu Manis is an Indonesian company producing indoor teak furniture, led by Alex Kurniawan.
    Their products range from bathroom furniture, dining room set, bedroom set and mirrors. They have our own factory located in Jogjakarta, in Java.